Failure Notification on Batch Import Users

  • 20 April 2022
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Hello team,

I’m working with Docebo API (Batch Import Users) to import users into our organization’s docebo instance. I was wondering, inside Docebo do we have a functionality to get a notification whenever the users are failed to created using the Batch import users API?

I tried with web hooks with Event: Background Job Completed but that isn’t working. I think the Batch Import Users API endpoint is not creating a background job (I could be wrong).


Thank you

2 replies

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hi @sravan.nerella yes you can receive an error log...this should help


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Additionally, whatever you are using to send the api call will receive a response back with the status of each item you sent. If I remember right it is a line number and a success/failure message per line so you need to merge with what you sent, but if doing the API then that can be programmed in as well.