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  • 11 May 2022
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When adding in training materials for a course using the Google Drive, when the course is taken, Docebo automatically marks the material as complete once it is opened in the course - is there a way around this? We have slides and docs imbedded that we want users to click through and have it marked complete once it is gone through (and not on the first slide). 

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Hi @kristirebs12 .

I’m guessing this is the way the training material itself is triggered to show complete. Is it a SCORM package? Look at the settings, if you can (if it’s a SCORM package you’d have to open the original file), to see what triggers completion - it sounds like it’s currently set to mark itself complete once the package is opened. You can usually set this to show complete using other criteria, such as a user views all of a course, or 80% of a course, or passes a test, depending on the authoring software.

Hope this helps.