How to update Additional Field Date to Null or clear for a user id through API

  • 11 September 2022
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HI, I need to update the  Additional field which currently set to a Date and having Data type set to Date to Null through API. Anyway we can do it?

3 replies

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User or course additional field?


I’m not sure if you’ve tried leaving the value empty? 

"additional_fields" : {
"fieldID" : "value",
"120" : "",

You’ll be able to find the field ID in the DevTools of your browser when browsing a user objects additional fields

REST API Reference documentation!/manage/User/User_manage_v1_user_id


I hope you get something new out of this, good luck.

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Thanks @Tony Langlet , but wasn’t my question :) I was trying to help but was wondering which type of additional field @santosh_a4 was looking for user, or course.

The tip for finding the value is nice, I will say though I often keep a test user that has all additional fields information loaded so that I can use them as a reference. If doing API work anyways, can just look up the user info, GET - /manage/v1/user/{user_id}, 


Then, when you call it, you get a simple array with ALL the values in one go so that you can easily have a reference chart/table of them all without having to look them up one by one:

With courses, same idea can be done to within the API. The rest of the above is right though for null out the field, you can do an update with it empty. It actually makes it more of a good way to view than update, since you can essentially use the response of the first, change the one value, send to the update and done.