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LinkedIn Imported courses not playing (content security error

  • 25 August 2022
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Hi we can't play LI courses imported from the course marketplace.

We just get a grey screen with “ refused to connect”.

This looks like an iframe permission problem and the client error thrown is:

Refused to frame '' because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors 'self' * * *".

Unfortunately no permutation of manually adding domains to the Iframe allow list helps (nor by the look of the ancestors list should it as the LI ones should be baked in as part of the integration)


Users accessing via SSO and already logged in and this has previously worked for us

...or am I just falling foul of this for the first time (new window works) - perhaps we got luck in choosing/testing courses without quizes?

“When configuring the content View Mode, be aware that, according to the LinkedIn Learning security standard, if the imported course includes quizzes, those will not be shown in the course player when the course is played with the Play In LinePlay in Lightbox and Fullscreen view modes on desktop and with the Fullscreen view mode on tablets. For the best experience, always set the View Mode to New WindowNew Window view is imperative if the course you have imported includes quizzes in order for your learners to be able to see and access them.”

Any help/reassurance appreciated!


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@SeeWhy - sorry to hear you are having these troubles! Contacting our Support team, through either Chat or by submitting a ticket from the Help Center, would be the best path to take towards resolving the challenges you’ve mentioned.

Given the technical level of detail that comes with LiL courses, through our Marketplace integration, it will be best for one of our Support team members to have a quick look. They will be happy to review and offer solutions to hopefully resolve the issue for you.

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Thanks @John 

Looking through the courses getting added - it looks like we have indeed fallen foul of the “course with quizes”.


Somehow (luck rather than good management!) we hadn’t hit  one yet.


I’ve set the default import to “play in new window” and all is working  - albeit with a hop out to LinkedIn, rather than remaining in-platform, but hey-ho... we’ve figured its better to have a consistent experience for everyone🙂

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@SeeWhy - glad you got it sorted! Totally makes sense to keep the courses consistent in their playback and stay on the side of safe when it comes to “security”. I absolutely missed the detail on Quizzes in the KBA. Good eyes!

I’m not entirely sure why the new window is necessary but if it’s for security purposes it’s likely there is some additional authentication happening and we needed a new window for that communication flow to occur safely.