Login error on some browsers with Lightning Web Component

  • 17 August 2021
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I've managed to get the Docebo Lightning Web Component mostly working in my Salesforce community, for for some users with some web browsers, we see the message 'Error - Cannot perform the login.'

With me, it works with Chrome and Firefox but not Safari - see attached image below.

The error is not intermittent - if it works on the browser, it works every time, and if it fails, it fails every time.

Has anyone seen this? I expect it’s some problem with third-party cookie or some other security settings and will be investigating more deeply later.



2 replies

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I heard from support on this - browsers do need to have third-party cookies enabled for this to work.

My project team is concerned about this being a barrier for LMS adoption when integrated into our partner website, has this turned out to be a problem for anyone?

  • Andrew


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Prevent cross-site tracking is enabled by default in current version of Safari

I assume you mean the above default setting has to be turned off? I have to disable it to see some forms we have embedded from third party (Qualtrics) in Safari.