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Microsoft Teams error adding file in chat on ITL/VILT

  • 15 February 2023
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Hi Everyone

Is anyone experiencing issues adding a file to the chat whilst in a VILT/ITL session through Docebo?

We have a couple of reported incidents where we havent been able to add a small file to the chat, even in session or once complete.

Anyone experienced anything similar recently.

Weve done some testing and cant seem to replicate the issue





Best answer by John 16 February 2023, 13:47

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Hey @SamBWillans!

The “Chat” feature of the webinar tool you’re using is something that isn’t necessarily a part of Docebo’s system. We offer the Learner the “Join” button and after clicking a Webinar session will launch corresponding to how the admin has configured the vILT Session Event.

All that said, what options do you have configured at the Event level for the webinar? Could there be a theme or issue there within that tool’s community/KB?

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@John thanks, we think its a teams glitch too, I was just interested in seeing if it was specific to us or anyone else has the issue.


Were continuing to monitor and investigate :)


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Most welcome, @SamBWillans! Completely understand and a good idea.

AFAIK there haven’t been any recent themes on submitted Support tickets and MS Teams Chat file upload issues...

A quick search online shows a few promising reads on why the file attachment button may not be available: