Microsoft Teams Integration Issues

  • 17 October 2021
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We are attempting to integrate with Microsoft Teams. It took a while to get it to function properly. We finally got it to work, however, the only person who is a super admin in Docebo and an admin in Azure is someone from our IT department. So when a class is run on the integration, the class is running on his Teams session, not the instructors. IT will not allow our instructors to be admins in Azure, with good reasons. So far, it doesn't sound like there is a work around. I am wondering if any other organizations using Microsoft Teams had the same issue and found a workaround?

5 replies

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Hi @malicm it took us some back and forth communication with Docebo’s support, but finally I have configured Teams integration using my account.

Now, I don't remember all details, but I think it required some more permissions on the Azure side than described in the documentation, also the propagation of changes in permissions was not immediate, at first pairing didn't work, and then, after some time, it just started to work without any additional changes. 

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Thanks for sharing...we are about to start testing so this is good to know. Are you both saying that MS Teams cannot be configured the same way as Zoom and WebEx which are just based on custom apps built in those applications?

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@alekwo Thank you! We had the same issues with pairing. IT tried again not doing anything differently and it worked. Just not the way we need it to. 

@lrnlab No it's not the same as Zoom or Webex. We previously had Webex and I was able to be an admin of Webex because it didn't tie into our Azure environment. It would be a huge security flaw/exposure to have a service account or an end user account with the level of permissions that Docebo is suggesting in Azure. Hope that helps!


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@lrnlab¬† - that is exactly what WE ran into. I have tried to explain to various team members that we need to be able to have the admin/generic user configuration like we could get with WebEx or Zoom. We are in a holding pattern until next year. We can pair and schedule in TEAMS but since our LMS is the ‚Äúuser‚ÄĚ we can‚Äôt get reporting or any of the functionality that would allow us to set meeting options, etc. If anyone has better wording, please let me know. Docebo says it is TEAMS and our TEAMS team says it is Docebo‚Ķ


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@tonya.clark I think that the integration is very basic, you may want to vote on the following ideas - LMS-I-3951, LMS-I-3676, LMS-I-3713,LMS-I-4382 as well as add yours.

Regarding managing meeting options, as all our Teams meetings are effectively running on my MS account (I did the pairing), I’m the only person able to change the meeting options in Teams.

Unfortunately, Docebo doesn’t provide access to the meeting options link generated by MS Teams (vote for the first idea mentioned above), however, there is a workaround.

I add myself to the ILT session as an instructor, and configure the event options to let instructors in 23:59 hours and minutes before the beginning of the class. So, I can join the meeting and adjust all settings directly in Teams, way before the start of the event.