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  • 15 November 2023
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I’m attempting to create a connection between and Docebo Learn so that whenever we create a course in Learn it auto populates on a board which we’ll keep as a running course inventory. 

 I’ve created the connection using a Monday connector I found in the Community Library. Just need some guidance on how to start the recipe. 


Thank you!

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From the sounds of this I am assuming you are meaning you are using Docebo Connect and used a community connector for Monday?

I don’t have Connect access so can’t give precise details (and annoyingly the available Docebo triggers/actions are not detailed out in documentation) but can give you a broad approach which should get you going.

There should be a trigger based on a webhook event, I would use this, unless Docebo has a prebuilt connection. You can use the webhook event of ‘course.created’, detailed here:

This will send basic data about the course over and trigger your Connect Recipe to run. You can then either use that data and move straight into Monday using your community connector to add a new item to your list, or apply other logic first or if you need other data about the course you should be able to use the Docebo action to get course information and use the course ID from the trigger to get the full details.

Hope that helps get you going!