MS Teams Polls/Breakout Rooms

  • 13 April 2022
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Greetings, we have integrated MS Teams into Docebo and were successfully able to run simultaneous meetings. However, when doing so neither instructor is able to create polls or initiate breakout rooms.  I’ve been reading previous posts about this issue and am hearing two different perspectives.

Are these tools expected to work for a designated instructor or is the integration between the two a streamlined version of Teams?

6 replies

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When the instructor joins can you see what role they have in the meeting?

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@michelle.franz there was a recent update to the KB on Teams app that requires users to re-pair the app to get everything to work...have you tired that?

it’s not specific to your issue but may help.

Hi team, was this issue resolved in the end - we are having the same issue.


Our IT dept has tried to troubleshoot this issue as well with no luck. I would love to see if this has an update as Breakout rooms/polls are a crucial part of my training. 

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I’m about to start a new role where we’ll be using 100% teams at a high level. Any progress?

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I’m in a meeting right now and just realized that we can’t do breakout rooms in a session that has them set up. Is there really not a way to do this? It’s a HUGE limitation.