Salesforce Internal & Community Integration with Embedded Docebo and SAML SSO

  • 26 August 2021
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We recently purchased Docebo, but are having some issues integrating Docebo into Salesforce.


Our use case is that we want both internal employees and external customer users to access Docebo embedded in Salesforce.  Internal users will access the platform via a tab in salesforce, and customer users will access the platform via our Salesforce lightning community.  We would prefer that both sets of users not be prompted for additional logins within Salesforce.


The rub is that we require all internal business systems to use SSO via ADFS.  This is set up right now using the SAML app in Docebo.  When users access Docebo in the Salesforce tab, it initially provisions/recognizes them & loads their home page.  However, when navigating to any other area (ex. Courses), it is prompting them to log in each session.


This is also an issue for our community customer users.  We do not want those users to have the ADFS SSO apply to them, or for them to get any sort of login popup whatsoever.  We are not forcing a password reset on first login for users provisioned via Salesforce, so they will not know their username or password.


Long story short...we want to stop all users from getting the login popup from within Salesforce, while keeping the SSO active for internal users who might access the platform directly.


Can anybody help us figure this out?

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