SCORM versions and development in Articulate

  • 11 August 2022
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We have an outside consultant developing training modules using Articulate. They will be saving them as SCORM v 2004 4th Edition (they say that is the only 2004 version Articulate saves).

Docebo knowledge base says docebo supports 2004 3rd Edition.

Does anyone have experience developing in Articulate and using SCORM 2004 4th Edition?  Do you know of any issues?

4 replies

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Articulate should allow SCORM 2004 3rd Edition...not sure your packages will work as intended is they are not in the Docebo approved format. You can also use AICC or SCORM 1.2 but that may depend on how much data tracking you need as AICC only tracks complete/incomplete while 1.2 has a smaller ‘buffer” for tracking data and details. xAPI could also work if your designers cannot figure out how to export in 3rd Edition format.


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Articulate products absolutely export in 2004v3. It’s a dropdown menu export option in both SL360 and Rise (also included in old Storyline3). I find it very hard to believe that a consultant even remotely familiar with this suite of tools would not know this. To select 2004v4 one would have to scroll/select past the v3 option.



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It could be the consultant tried to maintain their content in a uniform version so it’s not that they don’t know, but that they don’t offer it to their clients, should definitely push back on that though. Such a weird lie though that is super disproved. 

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@tschoone - good afternoon. Hate to say this (and this is right along the lines of @Bfarkas) with this type of plain language - tell them your spec - or refuse the product.

I can understand big publishers trying to unify their spec for their content and then push it outwards….even with that?

I have seen big publishers bend with the org. We had a few folks show up in 2019 refusing to publish in HTML 5 and they were trying to sell people on content that had flash in it. We told them we wont accept their material and they were in breach of their MSA with us. It ended the story - we got what we wanted.