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Setting up APIs to integrate Docebo with Google Calendar

  • 9 November 2023
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[TLDR]: Does anyone have guidance on how to build a custom solution in order to integrate Docebo with Google Calendar?



Hi All, 

I hope you’re having a 1 cup of coffee/tea day (as opposed to a 4 cup day)! I want to integrate Docebo with Google Calendar to automatically add calendar events when a user is enrolled in a course or ILT session. 

I’d like the calendar events to live on the users’ primary calendars, so that they will be visible to other people within my organization, like their managers. I’d also like the calendar events to be automatically updated if there are any changes made to the course or ILT session, within Docebo.

Docebo Connect is expensive, so I’m exploring the technical route, via webhooks and APIs. I’ve met with my Docebo account and customer success managers for support, but they mostly just tried to upsell Connect. I also met with my IT team, but they were hesitant to build something, without having technical support from Docebo. 

Does anyone have any tips for how I can proceed from here? 


Thank you,



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So what you are basically doing is looking to rebuild what connect provides. You can do it, but it varies greatly by your organizations ecosystem, how your tech team works, etc. I’ve done a few writeups on how to do it with Outlook, and the principles are the same just swap out the office365 graph for google’s instead. The core setup is you are basically using the API/Webhooks to send a calendar invite to the users from a shared calendar (think like a donotreply account). This central account manages everything, so you can use webhooks to monitor for changes/updates which then has access to that central account to update the invites. Same thing with enrollments, on enrollments, select the central calendar and add the users, by adding them they receive a calendar invite. Times, time zones, changes, updates all get hairy here. 

Thanks so much @Bfarkas! You’ve graciously answered this question for me a few times, and I think I’m finally starting to understand it now. I’m meeting with my IT team and my internal product dev team this week and feel like I can come back to the table with a little more grasp on what I’m asking them for. We’re also looking into leveraging Docebo Professional Services for additional support on the technical side. Thank you again!

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Great, good luck on your customization journey!