Using Google Analytics with an Extended Enterprise client and a custom URL?

  • 2 December 2022
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Hi all!

Back when we launched with Docebo in June, I activated the Google Analytics integration and pasted in some code I got from our Marketing team. I am particularly interested in the data for our customer-facing portal, which is using an extended enterprise client with a custom URL (

Looking in my company’s Google Analytics project, I don’t see any data for URLs. Am I missing some piece of the setup? Or does the GA integration not work for EE clients?

If it doesn’t work at all, that will be extremely disappointing! We are a data-driven company, and not being able to gather data on the usage of our customer education portal will leave a huge hole in our planning.

2 replies

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@rowan.mcvey Unfortunately, Docebo only supports the primary URL … the URL, and not the EE. Very frustrating to me.



@KMallette Oh wow, that is a huge problem. I wish someone at Docebo had mentioned that during our implementation! (And thanks for your quick response!)