Using the ExecutionID in the 'Get exported report file stream' API call

  • 14 October 2021
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I am extracting the ExecutionID from the following ‘export report as csv’ API endpoint:

GET /analytics/v1/reports/{report ID}/export/csv 


The ExecutionID is required to make the following ‘download filestream‘ API Call:

GET /analytics/v1/reports/{id_report}/exports/{id_export}/download


When I make the ‘download filestream’ call , I get the following error:

{"success":false,"error":"Extraction download not ready","errorCode":1005} 


This is happening because when I make the first call, it processes the CSV file hence is busy when I make second API call.


Anyone know of a work around for this?  Is there a way to turn the export csv off via  parameter?

0 replies

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