What would you want in an ILT/VILT Scheduling tool?

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Hi community!

Beginning framework work on the next FarkTool, and working on abstracting several tools I have built previously aimed at making scheduling ILT/VILT sessions easier. That being said, I have generally found this to be a very personal process for each organization, so trying to get a feel for what people really would like to have available to them.

Right now I’m seeing it as two things:

  1. Bulk creation: Upload a CSV file with your data and it will process in the background and generate your sessions and events for you. A template will be provided, and minimal data will be needed to be put in. For initial release thinking it will be:
    1. Course ID
    2. Date/Time
    3. Length
    4. Instructor ID (optional)
    5. Location ID or Custom URL
      There will also be a few settings to select that will apply broadly across the sessions/events such as timezone which will be saved to your profile as presets so you do not need to deal with them each time. This process should allow several hundred sessions/events to be processed at a time.
  2. Fast Single Creation: There will be a wizard of information to fill in, and on submission it will create the single session/event combination. This one will have a lot more individual settings adjustable, and you will be able to save submissions as ‘templates’ so you can copy and basically change the date the quickly make new ones.


What feature would you be looking for to use such a tool? What would make it truly useful to you? Let me know!

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bumping hoping this just got buried before folks saw...otherwise I guess not much interest in this one and might have to reprioritize :)

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I really like the idea of a single fast creation.  It would be super cool if this is something that could translate to a special tool or creation wizard outside of Docebo that we could share with our HR teams so that they can quickly create those course shells for events they have, without having to give them admin rights in the platform. 

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I’ve been thinking about that a bit. Couple of roadblocks, but definitely see the usefulness and is on the board :)

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@Bfarkas  We are using CSV files for creation of Sessions and Events. Be aware that Events CSV process is broken and the sample CSV is misleading. Docebo Support was surprised by our findings.

We are doing ok with the CSVs but a more consolidated process would be handy. Such as entering the information once and being able to generate a CSV for the session and the event in one go.

We do quite a few ILTs, so happy to test for you or provide feeback.

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Hey @dwilburn - Yeah this would not be reliant on the built in setup, I have never found that useful. It would essentially be setting up what I do in this post but so folks don’t need to build the process themselves: