Zoom Integration experts ? Power User becomes zoom host issue

  • 10 March 2023
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I am trying to setup zoom integration in the best way possible. Currently we have about 30 power users who need power user permissions, and currently when power users attend an ILT course with zoom even if they are enrolled as a learner, they get signed into Zoom account as the host. This causes a bunch of confusion and I’m trying to find a way around this. 

Does anyone have any tips or tricks? 

My other question is if we have 3 different zoom accounts sync’d up, which will the power user get signed into? Appreciate any feedback and your experience with this. Thank you ! 

3 replies

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Likely if they also have Zoom accounts linked to their usernames...this is why we opt for “manual” admin accounts that are separate from their user accounts. Have you tried switching that to see if it resolves the issue?

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@lrnlab Thanks so much for the reply!!!

Our zoom accounts have different usernames than what people sign into Docebo with. But when we paired the account we paired it by signing in to Docebo using the same email address/username that’s used in Zoom. Maybe that’s part of the issue? 

Would you pair the zoom account by signing in to a different docebo account? 

(Thanks for the suggestion on a separate admin account, I’m going to do that) 

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Depends where you’re logging in...when pairing via the Docebo app, you only need the Zoom account credentials that are usually the admin’s email + PW.  Is this the same for your accounts?

When “Add”ing the custom app in Zoom, the pairing (login to Docebo) should be done with the same account your trying to set-up.

Hope this helps...