What can I find in Job Board?

  • 16 February 2022
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Welcome to the Job Board category!

This post explains the purpose and themes within this category.


What is this category about?

This category is where you can find open opportunities for roles that require Docebo experience. Please read through all of the important details listed below.


What can I do here?

If you are looking for a new opportunity or are in search to fill an open role, this is where you can browse and post available roles that require Docebo experience.


Important Details:

  • All posts in this category are publicly available and considered open.
  • If possible, put in the date that applications are being accepted until. If the date is unknown and the position has been filled or the post has expired, please reply to the post letting everyone know applications are no longer being accepted. We’ll update the title of the post with [Closed].
  • Please adhere to the community guidelines and do not share email addresses or phone numbers.
  • External links may get caught in our spam filters and, therefore, require moderator approval. Approvals are completed within 24-48 hours.


Happy searching! :mag_right:

4 replies

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Hi Erin

Is there a way to filter these posts by country or create a naming convention that includes country ?


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Hey @Stephen.Barton, feel free to put the country in the title and/or as a tag!

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Is there an approval process for posting a job?  I posted one, but I have yet to see it show up on the job board.  

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Apologies for the delay @agilleland. There isn’t an approval process but depending on the post length and type of link, there’s a chance it can get caught in our spam check and need to be reviewed. Looks like this was the case for your post. I’ve sent you a direct message so we can get your post published asap. Thanks!