Anyone try 7taps?

  • 20 September 2021
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Afternoon from the East Coast. Wanted to ask - has anyone tried using 7taps in a learning campaign?

It looks like it can be a rather cheap method of pushing responsive microlearning out there.

I am not endorsing anything other than the great AI that talks through a script that you entered as text. The technology set to do this is a combination of two different technologies in play - a text to speech that is in use in a few other spaces today….check out and something that looks like it is supporting a type of “deep fake”.

In unison? These two things together make for a pretty intriguing method for deploying a microlearning course…

The gotchas - well there has to be one….right? The gotcha is that they claim they are quietly running an LMS to capture who is taking courses with them. But there is no way to connect Docebo other than doing an iFrame onto an html page.

Still - it is crazy intriguing!

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