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Assigning Assets to Users to Watch

  • 9 February 2023
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Good Morning All,

We have a growing number of managers who would like to use our assets in our library to provide support to employees who may be on a PIP (performance improvement plan).  As an example...we have an employee that could benefit from reading four or five articles we have tagged for communication.  I’d like to have record that this person read these prior to a coaching session.


Ideally, I want to avoid creating a course for one person.  I’d be open to creating a playlist that can be assigned and tracked (if that is a possibility).


Looking for any guidance on this one!


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7 replies

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I would think playlists get you there, if its existing content wouldnt the tracking just be the same as checking that content is complete?

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@Bfarkas ...Thanks so much for the feedback.  In full transparency, I have not used playlists much yet.  From you experience...can you:

  1. Create a playlist and assign it to someone.
  2. Check their progress.
  3. Receive notification when it is finished?

I’m having trouble finding any literature in the knowledge, or on the community, discussing how to do so.


Thank you,


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@RyanBerardi We use a learning plan for this purpose.  You can add any courses you wish to the learning plan, enrol someone/a group into the learning plan (and they automatically get enrolled into the courses in the learning plan in one step).  You can run a report to review their progress in the learning plan, and use a learning plan certificate or an ‘end of learning plan’ course to monitor completion of the learning plan as a whole.

I’m currently exploring playlists for a different purpose - sharing PD ideas in channels.  From what I’ve seen so far, playlists don’t give the best user experience.

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Thanks @vwheeldon … I appreciate the feedback.


For me...when I put together a learning plan, I want “true courses.”  I have trouble defining a course as a single asset.  With that said, there is great value in telling an employee, “I think there five assets are a good use of your time...please review.”


To the best of my knowledge, however, there is no way to track what assets as user has reviewed, or what playlists they have completed.


...that is more what I’m looking for.

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Have you looked at the report type “Viewer - Asset Details”.  That will list who has viewed different assets in a channel.  You should be able to see how many times a user has viewed an asset in a channel and the first/last access days too.

This won’t tell you if someone viewed it from a playlist though.

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It is sounding more and more like you might need to break your rule for what warrants a learning plan :)

Seems like you want all the functionality of one. Could just make a naming convention for the PIP’s compared to ‘real ones’

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@Bfarkas may be right. :-)
@Annarose.Peterson … this is great!  I hadn’t yet migrated to the new reports.  This is super valuable!