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  • 13 October 2021
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We got so deep into working with the Custom Report builder to find out….that because we are not on an enterprise plan? We cant run a scheduled report? 

I am sorry folks - the UI seems horribly deficient in this case. I only figured this point out by hitting my head against the wall and trying to schedule over and over again to find out that it is not me or the UI, but then I went to go read about why I kept on getting an error to finally surmise our level of licensing does not match the function? Something should be done here…tell us right on the page that this option is not available to us - dont allow us to try something to find out it wont work until we read up about it or go onto DU - this needs to seriously change.

And then? There are suggestions to migrate our reports that can be the new custom reports builder?…ha!

Sorry - has anyone else learned this one the hard way as well? Is it only me?

Seriously bummed...someone tell me that I am doing something wrong with this.


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Ok - so there was a learning moment for me.

What I read was not true - all folks today can use the scheduler with the custom reports builder to get reports out to people….thats the good matter what plan you are on.

The learning moment is that if you do this? It wont work

This wont do it for you….

You need to actually do a hard return after you enter an email will know that you did that? By the name going grey…

this will work for you.

Thanks to my implementation partner for pointing this out and talking me down….