Deep Course Curation

  • 7 December 2021
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Hi - Does anyone use Course Expiration (like the hard coded window) to show when a courses content is truly expiring? I have a group that want to be aware of the aging of content and would like to become aware when their courses are old enough to retire.

Now I can support that with additional fields to avoid having an impact on the user experience.

But I am curious of your approach / thoughts on this.

2 replies

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I’d be interested to learn what others implemented in this area.

While in our case we may not need to immediately expire a course, we’d like to have a process of reviewing course content and making sure it’s still relevant and up-to-date. For that reason, I don’t want to use the standard Course Expiration date, as it would immediately prevent users from accessing the course and I’m now evaluating the following scenario:

  • Adding the course creator/owner as an instructor with an individual enrollment expiration (e.g. 12 - 18 months from now)
  • Setting up a notification “Course has expired” sent to the instructor(s) a few weeks before the above deadline to ask them to review the content and decide if the course is still relevant and should be kept alive, if it should be updated, or if it should be retired.
  • (Optionally) Having the course subscriptions dates limited to the above deadline, so if the owner won’t take any action the course will automatically become unavailable for new enrollments, but those who already started will be able to finish it.
  • Having a notification for the Course has expired sent to the Super Admin (me), to follow-up with the owner and take the relevant action (e.g. retire the course if no other guidance from the course owner).

I still need to test this approach, but it’s more or less what I’m planning to implement.

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HI all, we just started using this option to drive emails to users about upcoming due dates since the “Learning has yet to completed” only works with the enrollment date. Another we use this is to place an end date on a course that must be completed annually as a new version needs to be put in place so users can complete anew each year. For the former, we also enabled soft deadlines as we don't want to lock a course just because it’s past due on the user’s plan.