Display entire Catalog before signing in

  • 8 September 2021
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Good morning,

We would like to display the entire Catalog on the pre-sign in page. Currently we can only display 4 courses with the option to scroll through the rest of the catalog 4 at a time.

We would like to see the whole catalog on display.

Any ideas on how or if we can do this?

Thanks Jamie

2 replies

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Hi @wizenup I think this depends on your screen resolution...when I tested this, my screen resolution is 2800 x 1800 and I can see 5 tiles across each catalogue chose to make public + reducing your browser view (I use 80%) also displays more...I see 6 at this setting. That said, users can view the entire catalogue by clicking the title and then browse all selections…


Thank you. I think they are really set on displaying the whole catalog, but I did like the suggestion about clicking on the catalog name to display all.