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Do we need to keep an eye on PU permissions with deployments?

  • 7 January 2022
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I am noticing that a PowerUser profile that was able to do something before (view user certificates) was not doing it currently.

So I went into the system and turned off and on the only custom permission related to the activity for the PowerUser profile. And voila! It started working for that user.

The question of the day. Is this normal with change / deployments??? Or it could it have been an order of operations thing? Potentially...but I dont think so….



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Hey @dklinger yes I did notice that as well a while ago...Think it’s a good point to raise the next time we speak with @erin.brisson or @Adam Ballhaussen about the releases...Don’t think there was much changed recently on the PU role administration but it’s one to watch for, for sure

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I dont know if I will ever get a chance to talk to those folk other than via the community. But I welcome the opportunity.

Thank you as always Learning Lab for your insights.

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We’re open to chatting anytime @dklinger! Just send me a message and we can schedule it in.