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  • 25 August 2021
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Hey there community….got a fun one for you that maybe you all have tried or come up with a potential work around.

We are working with blended learning content, of a sort. We have ILT courses that we would like to enable some video’s in the form of e-learning to the learners of that course, but only at certain days of the session. So after day 1 has passed the videos for day 1 will be released (basically on day 2). And then after day 2 the videos for day 2 will be released the following day and so forth.

The videos are just review content that we do not want learners to have access too until they have completed that specific day.

I could not find anything that was specific to attendance of events and I do not want to create sessions for each day and then have to create event for that day as well, just so I can get “completion” based on attendance. That just becomes a mess for admins and learners on the enrollment side of things. 

I have been able to use a learning plan to have an e-learning course up front that is like a “welcome to the course” sort of thing and then do pre-reqs that are offset by days after completion of that “welcome” course, but that has been about it.

Any other ideas or am I missing something?

3 replies

I can think of two possible workarounds:

  1. Add the review content using the “Add Recording” instructor option after the class day.
  2. Use the File Repository area to add links to the review content at the end of each class day.


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HI @gcrawford88 not sure if you tried this...I used it quite a bit and works well...when you add content, you choose when it is visible to users however it may not work with sessions if they occur on regular basis…You could publish/unpublish between sessions if that fits with your schedules…?? We do this with proctored exams.


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@suzdewitt thanks for the feedback. I will look at the first option...problem there is potential reliance on instructors to do something….we are struggling with ours to take attendance….even though they know if they do not take attendance they don’t get paid. :)

Also your suggestion along with @lrnlab, we do not utilize the central repository a great deal because it becomes a big unorganized mess and completion information is stored at the content level, we have some courses that require compliance acknowledgement at every instance, it would be great if the repository allowed to to ignore previous completions when you import from it :(

Keep the mind juices flowing….either we solve it, or Docebo develops a way :)