GDPR q for my european friends

  • 8 March 2023
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Came across the following today:

We store users after they leave a company, in case they return or join a different member company. We don’t use their data for commercial purposes, this is just their own course completions. Does GDPR apply here, and if so, does anyone have a working system in place? My thoughts were to md5 hash firstname lastname username email for any users placed in the “former members/european members” folder, which is where we place former members.

2 replies

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@lrodman We’ve got a Docebo instance that is on AWS Ireland (or maybe Frankfurt), but that’s as far as we’ve gotten to supporting GDPR. We’re still trying to get to a point where we know that people have left our business 😆, so this is good info for what to do then.

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Ah, we have thousands of EU users. Our instance is in the US, but we want to comply with GDPR for our EU clients. We have a London office which - good news I guess - doesn’t have to be GDPR compliant anyway anymore?