Getting end users to provide HAR files, screen recordings etc.

  • 22 September 2021
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WE recently had an issue of learners reporting slow page  load times from one area in the US,  We check on Google analytics and this seemed to be confirmed in the data. However when raising a ticket with support we get the frequently used “I would ask you to provide me, few more details as :
- A copy of a har file of a user who is experiencing this problem
-A screen recording of the issue, while the browser console is open and on the network tab”

The issue for me is that our learners are paying customers located all over the world, some of which are not technical and so to ask them to do this is very difficult (language, time zone, skills,) never mind the fact that they are busy people.

It would be VERY helpful if there was a simple step by step how to video & document that covered the common browsers (edge, chrome, firefox, etc.) that could be sent to the learners so that they can assist in the fault finding. Screen recording is very difficult for non tech learners, what do they use?


Any suggestions?  how do you deal with these issues with your external customers?


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3 replies

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@Gary Jarvis that would be wonderful if they could make something or already had something we could send out.

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HI @Gary Jarvis this may be a little out there but there is an option Record Your Screen under Channels...Perhaps you can create an “Issues” channel and allow users to record and post their issues there? At least the screen recorded is something any user can download and use when enabled...

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Hi, Unfortunately due to the high level if intellectual property requirements between our customers we are not able to make the coach and share option available  to most, and so that is not an option for us. :(