Have you ever merged e-learning platforms? Please share your experiences!

  • 30 August 2022
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I’ve been looking through the forums, and while we’ve been discussing splitting platforms, I haven’t found any thread on the opposite topic: merging platforms.

My company is currently going through a merger, and this also means merging the e-learning platforms. Our platform is used by end customers, resellers and internal employees, the other environment by end customers with a focus on certification. 

These are the key challenges I currently see:

  • Merging the users, ideally keeping learning and certification records intact
  • Merging user authentication methods (we currently have 4 different ways that people can log in)
  • Creating re-directs as content will have new URLs
  • Moving content from one platform to another (also an opportunity to review and prune existing content)
  • Recreating pages and creating a new unified user experience that doesn’t alienate existing users

Has anyone of you merged two LMS? Not necessarily because of company merger but consolidating multiple LMS within a company? How did you solve the challenges listed above? What other challenges did you encounter? And how long did it take you?

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