How does everyone here intake requests for new ILTs and Courses?

  • 22 March 2023
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We have a new ticketing system that has some limitations on the fields that it can accept, but we might be able to make work. I’m worried that people might not be able to follow the logic, however. There’s also the idea of linking to a Qualtrics survey, but then how to tie it to the ticket?

We need to collect all of the relevant information necessary to create an ILT or Course (with all relevant training material) while not overwhelming the submitter. Right now we are using a word doc, which doesn’t make for great tracking.

How is everyone doing this? 


1 reply

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I love to use qualtrics for this, and embed it directly into a custom page in Docebo so the users think it’s part of the platform. I try to make it as much of a wizard like experience, so lots of abilities if you want them, but as streamlined for entry if you are doing a standard entry. I have an article on a similar process coming out I think next week that goes into a lot of examples and details of it(it’s for scheduling sessions, but the concept is the same) I treat this as a front end for collecting data. Once submitted it triggers a bunch of backend flows that manage all the various other processes and systems related for us to work through, like your tickets.