List of Error Codes & Their Meanings

  • 30 March 2022
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I have searched through community and through the Knowledge Base and have had no luck finding a list of error codes and their meanings. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

2 replies

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There are different places where you will see different errors.  The only listing that I can think of are the errors associated with Web Hooks:

For errors that users would see:

I can for sure say, if a user reaches out to you saying they are seeing a 403 error, it is because they are trying to access a page they are not allowed visibility or they were given a direct URL to a course that they were not enrolled in.

I’m trying to remember, either a 500 or 505 error is something wrong on Docebo’s side and I have opened tickets before to remedy those.

Maybe others can sound out below on errors they know and then we can begin a nice list here!

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Agree with you @Annarose.Peterson the most common error codes are 403 & 500 where 403 is an access error that an admin can usually resolved and the 500 is a network type error. These codes should be fairly standard.

found this that should be has many more codes than we usually see but it does contain the 403 & 500 codes