Managing Certificates of Completion

  • 2 September 2021
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Managing certificates of completion is difficult for us. We use a federated model with different power users associated to a specific branch.

Not only is the management of the certificates difficult - codes are not displayed, you can't sort the columns, but also the certificates I have created have been accessed by others that I assumed wouldn't have been able to get to them.

If I own a certificate (associated with a branch), no one should be able to change it.

I should be able to sort columns on the main screen.

I should be able to see the codes.

We should be allowed to only modify our own certificates or those within our 'branch' or some other security settings...

Thoughts?  I have an Idea submitted in the Idea Portal for this and need to get more votes if this seems logical to anyone else but us…  :-)

Idea - LMS-I-4904… vote on it for me if you agree...please

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