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  • 30 April 2021
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We have a survey (course evaluation) at the end of each course. This evaluation is required and it is the end object marker for users to receive their certificate. Pulling the evaluation report for all of our courses is very cumbersome. Right now, I pull them all quarterly because it takes so long to complete but I’d like to do it monthly.

I do not know that there is another way around going to each course and pulling the training material report but I thought here would be a great place to find out. What do you guys do?

We do not want to use survey monkey or any other outside source at this time. We are looking into Learning Impact but right now that’s not an option either. I’m open to hearing how you all use those though. It may plead my case for going that direction moving forward.

Thank you!

3 replies


Hi Ginger,

We requested a QB report to L&S to extract all the survey results, but it seems that they are going to remove that option soon. So we will lose that ability as well and we will get back to manual and tedious process again.

Another option could be to extract all the survey results through an API call. If you have techs in your team it will help you with the process.

In the ideas portal, there’s the below idea we can vote for LMS-I-3974


The more we vote, the more chances Docebo considers it to add them in their future improvements.



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We embed our survey’s into each course which are then deployed as a scorm into the central repo and attached as training material for the course. We have tried several solutions for surveys like Survey Monkey and others. One of the challenges we have is to have a single survey available in 13 different languages. Because we have the Office 365 suite at our company, Microsoft Forms comes at no added charge. The great thing is, one survey can cover multiple languages. So the reporting combines them all into one without any extra work. You can go into the survey at any time to see real time results, export it to Excel for further pivot or what-not. Bonus is as mentioned, no added cost. 

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Hi @GingerG I have just posted our solution to that problem in this post: