Reporting on deactivated users

  • 6 December 2021
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Feels like I am missing something obvious here. Surely I am not the only one that needs this info. So how have you all achieved this?


How do you report on deactivated users. More to the point, can you report on only users that have been deactivated in the last X time period?


I see options to report on expire date. But since the Expire date is not impacted when a user is manually deactivated, that field doesn’t help for this scenario.



3 replies

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HI @lhubbard I thin you have options to report on deactivated users in reports. Don't think you can only report on these users but you can include them in a report and then filter out the active users (if that’s all you need) 


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@lhubbard ,

Whats going on. I feel like I just talked to you.

Are you looking to schedule one or just to do a one off? You can do a quick report for yourself on users from the Users Menu by filtering on the status? And then export out to excel...etc.


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@dklinger  Howdy stranger! I was hoping to schedule a report. That way when my power users deactivate someone I can go release their other licenses (outside systems).


@lrnlab A single report filtered would work if I could build a delta report. Meaning the user record had either just been activated or deactivated. I need to take action in the outside systems regardless, it’s just a matter of am I adding or removing.