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Reporting on Module Level Completion

  • 31 August 2021
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I’m looking to generate a report that could provide completion statistics on each module within our courses. For example, Bob has completed Modules A, B, and C in Course 1, but he has not completed Modules D-H. Bob has also completed all of Course 2. Is there a way to pull a report like this that could be exported (preferably into excel or a CSV)?

I’ve found how to report on completion at the course level, but have not been able to find a way to pull a more granular report without going into each user’s record for that course and estimating based on percentage complete, which would be a manual and time consuming process for the number of users we have. 



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Hey @sjtech 


Sounds like what you’re looking for is the “Users - Training Material” Report. This will give insight to each user at the training material (module) level within a course, rather than just the course level progress. You should see this report in the list of custom reports, let me know if you’re having trouble finding it. 



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Thx @natemadel … @sjtech you can find this report under, New Reports > Custom Report Builder > Add new report (green +) > Users - Training Material.

Report description:

This report relates users to the training material monitoring the scores and the status of completion for every user.

Thank you both! That seems to solve most of what I’m looking for. Secondary question - Is there a module unique ID like there is for courses? 

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Hey @sjtech. For learning objects, generally the name is the identifier (they don’t have codes like courses). They do have a unique database ID, but I don’t think we expose that in the reporting. 

Thank you!