SCORM courses and using Safari

  • 2 July 2021
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We are getting an increasing number of issues when learners are using Safari web browser and when they complete a SCORM course nothing has saved and it is like they have never been in the course.  On their My Activity is shows they have spent time on the course.  Just wonderingf if anyone else is experience this issue and how you are tackling it?


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5 replies

Hi Ant,


This is also an issue we’ve encountered recently.  Right now we’ve been emphasizing that users use Chrome (the issue doesn’t seem to occur with that browser at the moment), but I would also be very interested in seeing how others are tackling this. 





We are currently encountering the same issue using both Chrome and Edge.  Reports generated in our course content provider’s platform show users are completing their courses but the course completions are not passing back to Docebo. 

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Check they have cookies enabled. I have a theory it has something to do with that.

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We see this as well across different browsers.

It’s difficult to investigate, but we’re suspecting that the problem is related to the fact, that SCORM files are served in iframes from a different domain (, and modern browsers tend to introduce more and more protections limiting cross-domain communications. We’ve also seen some users who are using company-provided computers with very restrictive firewall setting to experience such issues.


We’re advising users visiting our site to disable all tracking protection in their browsers, as well as add our portal and the domain to the whitelist in the firewall on their computer and in any ad-blocking plugins they may have installed in their browsers (like AdBlock, uMatrix, Ghostery, etc.).


As a workaround, we started adding a “Mark this course as completed” button on the last screen of the lesson, which is invoking a SCORM JavaScript method to mark the course as completed. Not perfect form the user experience point of view, but it’s helping in most (unfortunately not all) cases.

We also have enabled the Comments widget on most courses, so learners can request to have the lesson marked as completed manually.


Would be great if Docebo could investigate this and find a long-term solution for all of us.

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Hi Ant,


We have been going through this as well. here are the main things ive gotten from the help desk about this.

  • only last 2 browser updates are supported
  • cookies should be tracked, (as stated make sure ad blockers are allowing Docebo)
  • closing courseware improperly (not using the ‘X’) can also cause this in the APP
  • leaving browser open to long to cause timeout
  • and of course the most annoying strong connections.
  • the best one no IE

these are my typical culprits to this issue.