[Sep 30] eSkillz Training Session - API, Webhooks & Docebo Connect

  • 22 September 2021
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In this complimentary training session by eSkillz, you’ll get an overview of the difference between the Automation App, APIs, Webhooks and Docebo Connect in order to understand:

  • which do I use for what
  • what is free and what is not
  • how to setup a superadmin account to make API calls and various set up for the API usage
  • webhook events and audit trail apps

Thursday, September 30, 1pm EST 

To learn more and to register, click here.


Please note: the session will be recorded so if you’d like the link to the recording, please message me directly.

4 replies

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Any chance this will be recorded, I am based in Australia so it will be the middle of the night for me




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Hi Gary, 

Yes it will be recorded.  You can access this information on our Best Practices site eSkillz.com/docebobestpractices.  You can message me for the password.


Thank you , 


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I have the same timezone issue.  Do I need to register in order to access the recording later?



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Hi Alan,

 You do not need to register, although that will help notify you when the recording is available.  However, if you message me, I can provide the password to access our archive and that way you will be able to access all of our recordings.  You can message me privately through here.  


Thank you ,