Successful Coach and Share Launches

  • 10 May 2021
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I want to start a discussion around how your organization launched Coach and Share.  I’m especially interested to learn more about:

  • What your launch plan entailed.  Did you use a phased approach?
  • What challenges did you face during the implementation period?  How did you address these challenges?
  • How did you encourage user adoption and interaction in your launch plan?  Did you use an internal marketing program or incentivization programs? 
  • What (if anything) would you have done differently when launching Coach and Share?

Any and all advice is much appreciated!

4 replies

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I am in the same boat needing to develop a plan to successfully launch Coach and Share.  Our inspectors already use GroupMe to ask questions to their team and manager.  I don’t think they will switch to a new platform to share and ask questions.  I think the only hope we have is if we implement badges, contests and rewards at the same time and turn it into a contest.  THAT opens a whole other can of worms to deal with for planning!

I really would like to hear best practices others have!

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+1 Will be looking to launch it with our Marketing and Sales folk.

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Can I make a suggestion around how this could be approached? 


  1. Start small and try to solve a few teams big problems 

Try to find a team that you know Coach and Share could help solve problems for. For instance, maybe you notice that one team is always asking the same 5 questions in slack or via email. Create a channel that answers those questions and start responding to those questions with the asset link inside of your platform. By starting small you can create real champions who will start doing the work for you (especially if they know they can create and upload a document themselves!)

  1. Onboard your managers on the tool first.

Bring them into the conversation and begin distributing your tools to those teams members via coach and share. Figure out ways to deploy channels and assets that these users will find valuable first and then you can deploy the bigger picture idea with these stakeholders as product/change champions.


  1. If you’re launching a big repository of documentation and information via channels combine the above and meet people where they’re at. 

People are slow to change and changing how people learn, process and acquire information is difficult especially if your company has never approached it before or you’re building something new. Take a step back and look at how people already look for that information and ask for it and see if you can deliver links to that information. 

Bundle the best assets that you know will be hits and create a document or piece of communication that highlights the immediate value of the service you’re launching.