Using Docebo (& other tools) for fun activities

  • 24 June 2021
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This might be a bit of an unusual topic and I wasn’t sure which category it would fit in, but here goes...

When people think of Learning & Development, they often think of development in terms of practical skills. What I feel is sometimes missing is teaching people how to build team spirit and good atmosphere in their teams & departments and enabling them to do so - especially now, when so many people are working remotely.

Docebo is a powerful tool that could potentially be used for that as well! Are there any ways you use Docebo to bring people closer together to have some fun? Here are some examples I could think of:

  • ILT webinars where people play games using Video Conferencing Tools (e.g. - users can choose session date that suits them and then, they compete with others. After each session, admin marks the training as “Completed” for the winners and through using Automatic Groups and Enrollment Rules, the winners get enrolled to another ILT webinar course where they can get into another session with other winners.
  • Fun test quizzes - users get in small groups in meeting rooms (e.g. on Zoom). The “leader” of each group shares their screen and the whole group goes through a fun trivia quiz. They have to answer questions with a time limit of 30 seconds per question. Aftewards, superadmin compares results of all groups and the best one wins (Kahoot is also great for that).
  • Custom Leaderboards - superadmin creates Gamification leaderboards for different departments. Team members compete with each other by going through courses, etc. to get as many points as possible. Competition ends after a few weeks / months.
  • Coach & Share Channels - superadmin creates a channel where users have to upload their best, custom-made PowerPoint presentation on a specific topic. The one with the best rating wins.

Of course all of these ideas can be modified to suit your needs. In the end, I wanted to ask - what about you? Do you use Docebo for some fun activities? If yes, what do you do or what can you think of?

Perhaps there are some other great online tools like Kahoot or that you use and could recommend to bring team members closer when you’re working remotely?

1 reply


You have some really good ideas here to bring a fun twist and team togetherness using the Docebo platform which I am sure many people will benefit from!

Another idea for those who enjoy reading, you could set up a course with a controversial extract from a book and follow it up with an ILT session where the team can gather and discuss their take on what they had read. This can also be adapted to a video from a TV series, cooking a meal, analysis of a football match, etc