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  • 9 September 2021
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I am new to Docebo and I am struggling to figure out the best way to notify learners that they need to complete a post-course/session evaluation for ILTs. Could someone please school me on my options? 

I see I can add a survey as a course material, but I can’t see a related notification to let learners know they need to complete that. We use Zoom for ILTs so after the session is over, our learners just dip out. How can I alert them that they need to complete this eval ASAP?

Should I be using Learning Impact? It doesn’t appear I have that option. Any advice is appreciated. 


4 replies

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Hi @ndkuria you are correct, there are no notifications specific to surveys...You might want try this…

If you make the survey an ‘end object marker’ meaning it is required in order to have the course marked as completed, you could use the notification called, User has yet to complete course, to remind them to complete the survey. Not the most elegant solution but it would get the point across. 

Another option, if don't or cant make the survey mandatory, would be to use the manual notifications available on the course enrollment tab, or perhaps the Newsletter option.

One note about surveys...If you plan to re-use a survey for many courses, you should create the survey under the Central Repository. This would allow you to use the same survey across many courses while tracking results even for users who had already completed it in a different course; it’s the only learning object you can do this with.


Thank you so much! This is very helpful.

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At the end of our ILTs the instructor reminds the students there is a survey/eval for them. It’s not mandatory, but we like the feedback. We also use the Learning Completed a Course email this is a thanks for coming and steps on how to go back into the LMS to complete the survey. Similar to the suggestion above, without the requirement to complete the survey in order to be marked complete for the course.  

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@ndkuria We’re adding the survey to the ILT as a Training Material (from the Central Repository).

Then after the session, we navigate to SESSIONS → ENROLLED USERS for a session.

We select all who were enrolled (you can also filter for only those who actually participated) and then use the SEND EMAIL option in actions.


And we’re sending an email with information that we posted the replay (if we did) and with the link to the survey.