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Hello everyone! New to the forum, and I’m excited to see if there’s anyone out there who is willing to share some information.  As a value add to our learners, I would like to package several Microsoft YouTube videos to help the everyday employee.  I’m thinking of finding Excel (various levels), PowerPoint, Word, OneNote & more.  


Has anyone packaged a similar offering and would be willing to share which videos were used/popular?


Thanks all!


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Are these just like how to videos? Or like the linkedin learning stuff? I havn’t done it since I moved to Docebo, but in a former job used to do it our website for faculty support and we ended up just leveraging the existing youtube playlists that microsoft currated themselves to avoid the constant game of whack a mole of content going away or being updated.

Thanks for the reply!  how-to videos is an accurate description.  Searching online is easy these days, but I want to give our vetted recommendation to our users, since we’re looked at as a learning organization.  

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Yeah, sorry, should have been more explicit. We would embed the playlists from them into our site and area. We started with curating ourselves, the problem was videos were constantly removed/expired without warning and there were not always equivalents, where as their playlists still had the most recent version of relevant content. Was just a change management decision. 

I never thought of Playlists before.  Now that I am scrolling through playlists from Microsoft, I see some promising stuff! I really appreciate this suggestion!  


Here’s an example (pasted below).  I wonder if Docebo can “house” this type of playlist.  I shall begin playing around with it! 


Thanks again!!