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"Verified" vs. "Unverified"

  • 11 May 2021
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Does anyone know what triggers the “verified” vs. “unverified” menu in the user profiles?


I have some users that are unable to access their course material, and (through a lot of trial and error!) I figured out it was because they were “unverified”. But I’m not sure why some of my users are verified and some are not. Anyone know what triggers it? Thanks!


Best answer by robmaurice 11 May 2021, 02:07

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Hi Eric,

Let me see if I can help with this one.

Why are some users email status Verified and others are Unverified? When a user is created the email status is defaulted to Unverified. It can be updated to a status of Verified either through the user verifying it when prompted on their first login or manually by either a Super Admin or a Power User who has permission to edit a user. 

In order for a user to Verify their email address when prompted on first login 2 things have to be enabled:

  • Send Verification email at first login: To enable this navigate to Admin Menu>Users>Related Sections (ellipsis in right corner)>Advanced Settings>Users>Options. Select the “Send verification email at first login” option. 


  • Enable the “User email address must be verified” Notification (Admin Menu>Notifications>Manage>New Notification). Here is an explanation of that notification and the tags that can be added:

Once these 2 options are enabled any new user added moving forward will be asked to verify their email address prior to logging into the LMS. 

For all existing users, if you know their email addresses are valid you can manually update all users whose email address is not verified by filtering on all users with Unverified email addresses (Users>Filter>Add Filter>Email Validation Status is not Verified), then choosing Select All>Choose Action>Edit and updating their email status to verified. 

Here is the link to the Knowledge Base article on Checking the User Email Verification Status if you would like more information.

Maybe more than you asked for but I hope this helps.


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Thank you, Rob! That was super helpful.

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Hi Rob,

Thanks for the info above. I now have a lot of users that have unverified emails and I cannot find a way to trigger sending them an email notification except by editing their profile and clicking “update” which then sends the notification. 

To do this for a lot of people does not seem possible or practical. Do you know a way?

Cheers JK

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So, what actually happens if a user is sent this “verify email” notification, but they do NOT verify? Are they restricted from logging in or resetting their password until this verification has been completed?