VPN Split Tunnel Streaming Traffic

  • 3 March 2023
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I’m a network engineer and my company uses your platform for our internal training needs. As a healthcare company we are highly sensitive to security and as such we perform a lot of network filtering. To achieve such filtering, we require all users (employee’s & contractors) have a VPN client and tunnel all our traffic through our firewall that perform filtering. Unfortunately doing so can tax our systems depending on the type of traffic and overall network load. To improve our overall performance we employ technique called split-tunnel, (see the link bellow to learn about this), for well-known traffic such as voice/video traffic. I’ve determined in our environment that Docebo traffic is taxing our system and thus we want to split the traffic. Now to do this, we require a list of Docebo’s public hosts so that we can add to our split tunnel configuration. Just for clarity this is a common practice that SAAS providers offer and I’ve left a few examples of providers that do so as a reference. 






1 reply

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Hi @philipathomas , welcome! Are you looking for ip lists or recommendations on split tunneling for Docebo?

This kind of question is probably better to go directly to Docebo Support and / or your CSM on the account to get in touch with the right folks internally. Some community folk might have done it, but there might be changes based on your specific instance or region, etc.