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Webinar series design best practices: Do you find having a single course for all of the webinars (Lunch & Learn/Bites of Learning) or break it out by general topic better?

  • 23 August 2021
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We are looking at implementing possibly several new webinar series and I’m looking for best practice advice, the “clicky clicky” on how to set it up I can figure out for myself.  What I want to avoid is the “dang I wish I had done that differently” hard lesson learned, by learning from you.

We are planning 2 series:

1 monthly “Lunch & Learn” series that covers the software updates in our proprietary business program

  • offered only once a month to a closed group (pre-registered)
  • We would like to be able to add handouts or resources as needed.
  • I’m thinking this can be one course 

The second will be a weekly, 15 minute bites of learning

  • Offered weekly
  • Optional
  • Open to all employees
  • Short topics to become more efficient, professional and confident
    • This could include anything from tricks in MS Office, Phone system, Asking questions in our University (Ask an Expert), Google Search Pro tips, time management, etc.
  • Since this one is more all over the place, I don’t know if I should break it into courses by general topics (Office, Phone, Professionalism, etc.), or break it out by month (Bites of Learning - October), or keep it all in one course for reporting simplicity.
    • What would you say are the design pros/cons of these options?
    • I don’t believe there is one right answer that fits every scenario, the trick it determining the best answer for each scenario.

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Hello @tschoone, you didn’t say how interactive the sessions are planned to be, but have you considered using the Channels function for your 2nd series - either as an alternative to live webinars or as a way to distribute recordings of the live webinar sessions later, and get more replays/scalability from the sessions? Since those would be opt-in and on a regular cadence, might be a good opportunity to drive traffic to an informal learning opportunity for learners to self-serve and build good habits.

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@jason.moore Yes! Using Channels will an integral part of the second series.  A primary objective is to drive learners to the LMS and provide an opportunity for engagement.  The Bits of Learning will incorporate engagement (participation, questions/answers, etc.); but extending that to the Channel will continue to foster our primary objective of use of the LMS.
Is it too much to hope for that the 15 minute Bites of Learning can be made so much fun that people will want to attend the live session?  (Oh I have a dream!)

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@tschoone I’d create one ILT course called “Bites of Learning”, then sessions within it for October, November, December, etc. Then inside the October session, the four weekly events with their titles. 

  • This would give me registered vs attended based on topics in one easy place
  • I could avoid adding four more line items to my list of courses each month
  • If you’re integrated with Zoom, you can easily post the recordings from the Zoom cloud to each event right after it concludes
  • If I had a new hire who might benefit from the weekly meetings, it would be easier to enroll them in a bunch of sessions they found interesting, rather than individual courses

If it were individual courses, it could clutter catalogs (if added to any) and muddy search results in the platform. 

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@tschoone for the monthly Lunch & Learn - I’d suggest creating a single course with a single session, and adding monthly meetings as events. 

You will need to configure the session to be manually marked as completed, so users will keep seeing the course as in-progress. You can use notifications sent a week or two before an event to keep them in the loop about newly scheduled meetings. 

Regarding, suggestion from @jennadionn - note that Docebo is treating “sessions” as equivalent to each other - so users, in their UI, can only enroll themselves in a single session, and once they are enrolled in a session, they don’t see information about other available sessions. 

Using events will alleviate all those issues + will provide all benefits mentioned by @jennadionn of keeping everything in one place, and allowing you to enroll new hires to watch replays of previous events.

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Thank you all! (Kudos to @jennadionn and @alekwo) I will be asked to implement ILTs soon enough - there are really solid tips in this thread!

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@tschoone I was directed to this thread by our account manager as I’ve been tasked with doing something similar in our LMS.  Now that you’ve gone through implementation of the above, are there any tips or changes you've made?  I’d love to hear what worked well for your framework and what you ended up tweaking!  Did the webinar series achieve your goal of driving traffic to the LMS?