Coming Soon! Product Updates in One Place

  • 14 October 2021
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On January 3, 2022, the Product Updates page on will be redirected to the Product Updates area in Docebo Community, so you can find all updates and resources related to your Docebo product improvements in one centralized place.


This includes release notes for both the maintenance releases in your LMS along with the monthly product updates resources. With the launch of Docebo Community in 2021, we want to ensure you have one place to find all of the resources, help, and support you need for your product. Docebo Community is and will continue to be that place. 


In the Product Updates in Docebo Community, you’ll find:

  • Release notes for the bi-weekly maintenance releases.

  • A release roundup for each monthly product updates.

  • Docebo Help article links and Docebo University courses to learn more about any updates.

  • Best practices, tips & tricks for how to best leverage your product improvements.


We know the Product Updates page on had a pretty handy index of all past releases dating back to 2016, so fear not, we’ll continue (and enhance) that level of record-keeping moving forward, and that index library won’t disappear.


In fact, if you want to go back and review any release notes from 2016 up until December 2021, you’ll find a link at the bottom of the Product Updates area in the Community. Browse away!


Protip: We know a lot of you bookmarked the Product Updates page on for reference when updates occurred, so be sure to subscribe to Product Updates in the Community moving forward!

2 replies

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Will product updates be searchable?  For example if you notice something has changed on the system and need to find when it happened or more info about the change :nerd:




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Hi @Gary Jarvis. Great question! Yes, you’ll be able to search within Product Updates to discover when certain changes may have been made. You can filter for Product Updates under Post type from the global search in the community.