Heads up: Updated sub-processors for your Docebo Platform

  • 12 October 2023
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This post is from Docebo’s Compliance team.


We’ve updated the list of sub-processors for your learning platform.


Docebo is modifying our list of third-party sub-processors, as regulated by our Agreement. This post outlines the changes to our list of third-party sub-processors. No action is needed on your side.


New Sub-processors

The following sub-processors will be added to the sub-processors list and activated after 30 days from the date of this communication. If you would like to activate the new Docebo Content immediately, OpenSesame will be engaged by default once the new Docebo Content is enabled.


Subprocessor Name Subject Matter of the Processing Processed Data Location Docebo Product Impacted
OpenSesame Content service provider engaged for delivery of content (Courses/Learning Objects) to End Users upon Customer’s LMS Administrators activation and management. Learn LMS User email addresses, encrypted UID, time stamp and other details included in the SCORM file (full name and location). Other information can be included in the SCORM file by Customers' LMS Administrators. USA Docebo Content
Kantata Mavenlink Professional Service tool used for time tracking and services delivery.  Email address and Full Name of End User engaged with Docebo Professional Services. USA Docebo Professional Services
Totango Customer success analytics and engagement tool. Email address, Full Name, phone number, job title of Docebo Software Service Administrators, Customer physical address. USA Docebo Customer Success Services



Other changes

  • We added India as a new data hosting option for Amazon Web Services, available only for our customers based in India.
  • We added Canada, UK and Australia as new data storage options for Snowflake. The data storage location used will be located in the same region chosen by you for your AWS data storage.
  • We added Canada as new data storage option for Zoom.
  • We consolidated our Datadog usage into one single data storage location, based in the USA.
  • We added minor clarifications on the data processed description for Workato.
  • We changed our usage of Google functionalities for the Virtual coach feature and extended it to Docebo Shape.
  • We have removed Alterway Makers, Loggly, Kaltura, Epsagon, Outreach and Aha! Labs as sub-processors, since they will no longer be used.


This update is needed in order to improve our level of service and internal efficiency as well as to follow the evolution of our company. 


The relationship with each of the above sub-processors is governed by Docebo’s third-party security management program and Data Processing Agreement (including the new EU SCC) to ensure they meet our rigorous security and privacy standards.


Please contact the Customer Support team if you have any questions or concerns.


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