Learn LMS: “Use email as username” setting and Single-Sign-On User provisioning

  • 21 December 2021
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In the December 16th update, we enabled Use Email as Username option for the PUT /manage/v1/user/{id} API.  This change, where the Use Email as Username option is enabled, may impact Single-Sign-On if the user email field is not mapped in provisioning settings for your SSO configuration.

To avoid SSO issues, please ensure that user email is included when sending information from your Identity Provider to Docebo through Single-Sign-On provisioning.

1 reply

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Hi, when user SSO with their email address, their username is email, but the email field is empty. This has been a problem when I want to apply automatic conditions for creating groups. As creating groups doesn’t support `username` as the condition, there’s no options for me to create the groups unless I manually create some additional fields or input their emails. Is there any way that can automate the process for assigning certain users to groups?