Ability to edit enrollment "Active Until" date via CSV

  • 12 October 2021
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I have a need to update literally thousands of enrollment “Active  Until” Dates via CSV. We have many customers who have paid for access to courses based on multiple conditions of sale. We have customers who wish to extend their access, renew a subscription, (or simply run out of time to complete the course).  The issue for me is that for different requests i need to be able to set different active till dates for different users and courses.

There is currently no way to do this via CSV. ( if there was it would be a fantastic solution for my problem).

Currently i have to run reports to extract the enrollment status, Active until date, Active from,  Completion date (and, of course, username)

I then have to run an Excel macro to edit the enrollment status to match the API endpoint. (for example the report output is “In Progress”  and the API requires “in_progress”

After running the macro i have to use POSTMAN to post API’s back to Docebo. 

Changing an active till date for a “Completed” enrollment also causes Docebo to send another course completion 

Using API’s means that Superadmin access is needed and my  standard admins cannot do this task. 


Anyone got any other suggestions ??


2 replies

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@Gary Jarvis would it help to enable the “soft deadline” option on your courses? This would allow those who haven’t yet completed the course time to do so after the “active until” date...This would affect all users enrolled in the course so not sure if this works in your schema.

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Hi , You guessed correctly we need to keep the hard deadline for our system.