Active filter - Catalog, hide unused options?

  • 23 March 2022
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Is there a code to hide the Price, Channels, Deadline, and Language in the advance filter drop down? 

4 replies

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@isaal Good morning.  Could you provide a bit more information? Where are you finding these Active filters?


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@KMallette good morning! Sorry, I forgot to mention they are on the Course & Learning Plans and Catalog page widgets. 

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@isaal Thanks for the additional information. The available configuration options are shown in the widget’s Edit page. They are limited to sorting functions, and do not have any options for filtering.

I totally see why you would want to limit those filters. However, because it is a widget on a page that could have multiple uses, it would be a limit that you might forget you’ve selected if your business model changes in the future. The only downside to having these filters displayed is that a learner would get zero results.

You could always enter an Idea if you feel it is compelling.



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@KMallette thank you for the reply and recommendation. I will see if there is an Idea to upvote or I will create it. :)

At the moment, we don’t need much of the filters because we only have e-learning which is free, all in English, no durations, and open so it looks like a lot of options for our users but everything is pretty much zero results when used. We wanted to shorten the filter list with only the ones that apply so a bit more user friendly.