Any way to see vimeo url in course training material using the api?

  • 17 December 2021
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I’m trying to do an api call to retrieve vimeo urls for across all our courses. 


Via the docebo api browser, I’ve tried the below url endpoints:

Get downloadable link for course materials

Get downloadable link for training materials. The below call returns the LO with type vimeo, but doesn’t contain much else such as the url


Is there any way to get the vimeo url?

1 reply

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Wow! This one was a head scratcher but I finally figured out how.

You'll want to use the endpoint:

Play single LO or scorm|tincan chapter
GET /learn/v1/lo/{id_lo}/play

You can find this by navigating to the API browser>select Learn from the drop down>Then scroll down to the LO section and look for "Play Single LO or scorm|tincan"