Articulate Rise SCORM - link to a specific lesson

  • 17 August 2023
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I am trying to link to a specific lesson within a SCORM package that was created in Articulate Rise. Because of the way I am trying to do this currently, I’m getting stuck with an authentication token within the URL which expires. So the link is useless after a short amount of time. 

Since the user will be logged into Docebo when clicking the link, I was hoping to find a way to create the link without having that authentication token in there. Or, some way of automatically using their current auth token in the URL.

What I am doing so far: opening up the course and the elearning package > copying the link address of the specific lesson:


This gives me a URL of this: 


The highlighted string is the auth token (I think). This expires so the link becomes dead after a short time. 

Has anyone tried to do this before, or have any suggestions of a workaround? Thanks! 

3 replies

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@craigdooley Hi, Craig… I’ve not ever done this, but if you are a contributor/course manager in Rise (for the course) you could duplicate the course, and then remove all of the other modules to leave you with just the content you want. And then you can just load that one as a training material. Or import it into a .story file (I think) .

Not as spiffy as your approach, and gives you two courses to update in the future, but … gets past the authentication problem if no one else has any thoughts.

@KMallette thanks for the response and the suggestion. I’d looked at duplicating the Rise course and deleting the other lessons, but never thought of importing the Rise course as a web object into Storyline. I’ve just tested it out and it works great!

For anyone else interested, this is how you import Rise as a web object in SL:

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Good morning @craigdooley - so my understanding - you cannot do a direct link to a lesson. Lesson links that you can work with in Rise and Review don’t work once you land the course in your LMS because it goes from being a relative to an absolute link - I see your note above about the token - maybe thats it? But I have passed along lesson links that seem to not expire as long as I am working within the bounds of Rise and Review.

I have played games with using Review to bring Story files into Rise with pretty good success as @KMallette mentions.

Hope this confirmation helps some.

A thought and I have not tackled it like this - is to break up your lessons the way @ryan.woods does it in Docebo University….bring together a few lessons and publish it as its own training material. Then sequence your training materials accordingly. So that you can get people to those granular sections as needed.

I actually dont know if this is doable - but maybe? Can a person be given a deeplink to a training material in a Docebo course?