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Assigning a learning plan to new users in an existing branch

  • 7 November 2023
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Wondering what is the best way to deal with this scenario. 

I have an existing branch and users are assigned their learning plans.

Now I have a large number of new users I need to assign to that branch. What is the best way to get the new users assigned to a learning plan without the existing users being assigned also.

Would like to hear how the more experienced Docebo superadmins do this.


Best answer by lrnlab 7 November 2023, 20:50

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Can you use Groups in this instance? Then assign to the group?

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Definitely see if you can create a group for those users and use the Enrolment Rules to assign the LP.

Tip: when using groups & enrol rules, the rules will only assign users newly added to the group AFTER the association between the group and rule has been done. That is to say, if your group contains some users before it is associated to the rule, they will not be assigned. Only those added to group after that would. So this can take care of your question about not assigning those that are already assigned.

Groups can be automatic (using user profile or course criteria or manual (you can upload users vis CSV import).

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I agree groups is the way to go, but curious, is the learning plan the same as the existing folks? Trying to understand the concern for just selecting the branch? The folks enrolled already are left alone? If different LP’s then totally get it. And again, all that being said, groups is better as you can save yourself steps and automate it out.